Revised: January 5, 2020

All students are scheduled for a weekly lesson. Statements will be sent via e-mail at the end of each month for the next month’s lessons and payment is due at the first lesson of the month by check, cash (in a sealed envelope marked with the student's name), or via PayPal. If a student is absent on the first scheduled lesson of the month, their monthly tuition should be mailed or paid via PayPal. Tuition received more than three days after the first lesson will be assessed a $10 late fee. Note the lessons fees are not increasing for 2020.
The consistent monthly fee is paid regardless of the number of lessons in the month and students receive 45 lessons during the course of the year divided into 12 equal payments.
30 minute lesson: $84.00 per month
60 minute lesson: $151.20 per month (reflects a 10% discount)

Unless in the case of an emergency or an unexpected illness, make-up lessons are offered if there is 24 hour notice given. I am flexible to re-schedule missed lessons. Credit will not be issued for lessons that are missed or cancelled. In the case of an emergency or sudden illness, lessons will be rescheduled without the required 24 hour notice. As much advance notice as possible would be very helpful as this time is used to provide make-up lessons for other students. 

Lessons will be held each week from January 6 through December 10 except for the following dates:
* Monday students: 3/16, 5/25, 9/7, and 1 TBD
* Tuesday students: 3/17, 11/24, and 2 TBD
* Wednesday students: 3/18, 11/25, and 2 TBD

* Thursday students: 3/19, 11/26, and 2 TBD

Missed lessons due to student vacations will be rescheduled with advance notice.

If the decision is made to discontinue lessons, please provide notice a full two weeks before the end of a given month. This allows me time to schedule a new student in that time slot. No tuition refunds will be given. Students on the yearly plan receive discounted tuition and will therefore be charged a $25 cancellation fee if terminating lessons before completing four months of lessons.

The 2020 recitals are listed on the Events page.
A minimal recital fee which helps to offset recital expenses such as performance location, sound engineer, programs, and optional accompanist will be included in your monthly statement. As a convenience, I provide a recital accompanist and students will schedule a brief rehearsal with them prior to the performances. Alternately, students have the option of using their own accompanist for the performance. 

Practicing is very important in order for the student to progress. Younger students may require parent’s supervision and oversight to practice and prepare for weekly lessons. I highly encourage students to record lessons for weekly practice. 

Students are responsible to purchase music for lessons, a three ring binder for handouts and sheet music, and a spiral notebook to record weekly assignments and information as well as weekly practice. I will choose appropriate music for instruction and study. I will also do my best to include additional music that is of particular interest to the individual student. Please investigate websites such as Amazon, and many others that offer books new and used at discounted prices. Also websites such as and offer single copies of music with a choice of keys appropriate for the vocal ranges that can be downloaded. Students that opt not to order books online can order from local music stores such as Roydon’s and Music Showcase located in Brandon and Head’s House of Music located in Tampa which has most items in stock eliminating the need to place an order.

* My front door will be unlocked during scheduled lesson times so please walk right in without knocking or ringing the doorbell.
* Students who arrive early should wait in my family room until I finish the lesson before them.
* Parents/Students are welcome to park in my driveway. If you choose to park in the street, please be careful not to park opposite my neighbor's driveway.
* ​Parents are welcome to relax in my family room during their student's lesson.

It is my heart’s desire to instruct each of my students to the best of my ability and to encourage them to do their best and nothing less. I believe that God handpicks each student that comes into my studio and I am honored to be used by Him to teach and instruct vocalists. Thank you for your trust in me to train you vocally. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you. Let the singing begin!